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Penn State Death Penalty?


College football — Penn State Nittany Lions earned wrath of NCAA — ESPN Forget the NCAA death penalty . . . Penn State University should be burnt to the ground, plowed under and sown with salt. Read more →

JoePa Shielding the Assets


STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Joe Paterno transferred full ownership of his house to his wife, Sue, for $1 in July, less than four months before a sexual abuse scandal engulfed his Penn State football program and the university. — nytimes.com Read more →

Thank God for Coach K


Without whom Duke would be known for nothing more than educating the idiot offspring of our nation’s tobacco barons. Now that he’s broken the record, are there any grand jury reports waiting to be released? Related articles Duke Basketball Coach Krzyzewski On Joe Paterno: ‘I Think He’s A Great Man And It’s A Horrific Situation’ (huffingtonpost.com) Read more →