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Are There Any Intelligent People Currently Living?

I was at LA Fitness this morning . . . one of the TVs was showing an interview with Jameis Winston on ESPN. Winston is borderline retarded but thinks he’s articulate — a deadly combination. He’s a very talented athlete. Just show clips of his athletic accomplishments. They’re impressive and fun to watch. Why would anyone want to talk to… Read more →

What’s on Your Nightstand?

Lamp Clock radio Extra pair of reading glasses Business cards, mostly my own 1 pen, 2 pencils Post-Its Vaccination record Schedule of classes for LA Fitness Two or three dollars in change Nine dollars in Candian coins 440 Indian rupees Read more →

Monday Morning Sets the Tone for the Week

L.A. Fitness at 5 a.m. I don’t like exercising in a crowded gym. I also don’t like to get up early, but not as much as I don’t like exercising in a crowded gym, and if you get in there at 5 a.m., the gym isn’t crowded. For 2011, I started doing different exercises every day of the week and… Read more →

Playing With Pain

My son comes home from playing basketball at L.A. Fitness with what looks like blood all over his white T-shirt. “Is that blood on your shirt?” I ask him. “Yeah. A guy followed through on his shot and smacked me in the face.” “So your nose was bleeding?” “Yeah. I wiped it on my shirt.” “That’s awesome.” “I know. It’s… Read more →