EppsNet Archive: Martin Luther King Jr.

A Time For Choosing


This is a time for choosing. Will we choose democracy over autocracy?Community over chaos?Love over hate? These are questions of our time that I ran for president to help answer. And of which Dr. King’s life and legacy will guide us forward. — President Biden (@POTUS) January 16, 2023 That depends. Is aggregating state and corporate power to censor the internet democracy or autocracy? Is it community? Is it love? Read more →

Famous Quotes Revisited


Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. — Martin Luther King Jr. The staircase?! That doesn’t make sense. Why can’t I see the staircase? Am I drunk? Read more →

I Have a Dream About Bananas


“Look at the color of this banana,” my son says as he takes it out of the refrigerator. “It’s black.” “I think it’s still okay,” I tell him. “It’s not the color of the skin that’s important . . .” ” . . . it’s the content of its character,” he jumps in. Read more →

I Have a Dream 2007


My son’s going to Washington, DC, next week with a group from his junior high school. Once there, they’ll hook up with a group from Martin Luther King High School for a 5 day, 4 night Discover DC educational tour. Despite the name, MLK High School is not a predominantly black school, a big disappointment to my kid, who was looking forward to his travel companions “breaking out the cardboard mats and spinning on their heads.” I Have a Dream, indeed! Read more →

Having a Dream


How I thought it worked was, if you were great, like Martin Luther King Jr., you had a dream. Since I wasn’t great, I figured I had no dream and the best I could do was follow someone else’s. Now I believe it works like this: It’s having the dream that makes you great. It’s the dream that produces the greatness. — Barbara Waugh Read more →