EppsNet Archive: Mirrors

What Are You Looking At?


When you step out of a shower and there’s a full-length mirror available, what do you look at? I look at upper-body muscle tone. I don’t look at anything above the neck or below the waist. Does this change as you get older? I used to look below the waist, front and back, not all the time but occasionally. I don’t do that now. I asked my wife and she doesn’t look at anything. Read more →

In the Mirror


There’s a stranger in the house no one will ever see But everybody says he looks like me. — Elvis Costello, “Stranger in the House” Who is that sad little gray-haired man standing next to my tall, handsome boy? Read more →

The Secret of All Secrets


I am letting you into the secret of all secrets, mirrors are gates through which death comes and goes. Moreover if you see your whole life in a mirror you will see death at work as you see bees behind the glass in a hive. — Jean Cocteau, Orphée Read more →