EppsNet Archive: New Years Eve

Twitter: 2009-12-31


Time marches on!! We are all dying!!! We are coming to the end of our lives!!! Happy New Year!!! # Read more →

Twitter: 2009-12-31


RT @OCWeekly: OC Sheriff To Morons: Don't Fire Guns To Celebrate New Year – http://bit.ly/5SOwld # RT @capricecrane: I had that dream again where I was in school giving a report in class, naked. We really should've reported that teacher. # RT @KathySierra: Puppy pics enjoy a lifetime exemption from any and all so-called "rules" about stock photos and cliches. # Read more →

Happy New Year 2008


We toasted the new year with a $42 bottle of Moet et Chandon — marked down to $25 at Albertson’s! Lightning enjoyed gnawing on the cork . . . in fact, when anyone turned their attention away from their champagne glass, he’d stick his snout in and lap up some bubbly . . . Read more →