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Remote Work on the Decline

27 Jul 2017 /

According to LinkedIn:

IBM, Aetna, Reddit, and Bank of America are among a growing list of companies slashing remote work policies. It’s not because employees working from home are less productive; rather, many companies think in-person collaboration just can’t be beat.

I get that. It’s easier to work with people in the same room than with people at some distant point in time and space.

But I can’t help noticing that there are more companies willing to hire hordes of itinerant trainees in a foreign land to write important software (i.e., “outsourcing”), than to let employees write software 15 minutes from the office in their own home.

InfoWorld: In most areas associated with productivity, U.S.-based staff exceeded offshore staff by wide margins . . .

Posted by on 6 Aug 2013

Steve Denning: Outsourcing is the most short-sighted business decision in history

Posted by on 2 Jan 2013


3 Oct 2010 /

Contracting hordes of itinerant trainees to write important software, and guiding them from a distant point in time and space.