EppsNet Archive: Paul Cezanne

Pictures of Food


Years ago, if you wanted to show your friends a picture of your food, you’d have to break out the palette and the easel and paint one. Time-consuming! Nowadays, with the likes of Facebook and Instagram, it’s just point and click! Another way life gets better and better thanks to computers . . . Read more →

Graduation Still Life


Time passes. Listen. Time passes. . . . — Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood Unlike Paul Cézanne, I didn’t spend hours setting this up. I captured it just the way it looked when I came downstairs this morning. As one chapter ends, another begins. For the kids — most of them — the next chapter is college; for the parents, old age and death. Happy Thursday, everybody! Read more →

Joyeux Anniversaire, Paul Cézanne


Today is Paul Cézanne’s 172nd birthday! Did you know that Cézanne sometimes spent hours positioning objects before painting a still life? He did! Read more →