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Bravery, not perfection.

Posted by on 22 Jul 2017

Jim McCarthy on Steve Jobs

20 Nov 2011 /

He was utterly intolerant and disdainful of, and even mean spirited about, mediocrity. Not a designer himself, but a sublime critical thinker, he totally focused his life’s work on design perfection. This intensity, obsessiveness, and his total lack of compassion about others’ inferior thinking resulted – over a period of about 25 years, in five or six truly, climactically great products (the reader – as an exercise – may figure out
what they were, and why they make the cut.)

Start by Visualizing Perfection

2 Sep 2011 /

One can come at improvement from two angles:

  1. How can we make things suck less? or
  2. What is the ideal state that we should shoot for?

I’m for the second option. It is the classic Lean approach to improvement, BTW: Start by visualizing perfection.