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A Riddle

19 Nov 2015 /

What’s the difference between a student activist and a petulant crybaby?

Yeah, I don’t know either . . .

British Humor

20 Jul 2013 /

In order for this to have any chance of being funny, you need to know that in Britain, acetaminophen is called paracetamol . . .

Q: Why are there no aspirin in the jungle?
A: Because the parrots eat ’em all.


12 Apr 2013 /

Q: How do bananas get downstairs?

A: They slide down the bananaster.


17 Apr 2011 /

Q: What will you find in a prison library?
A: Prose and cons.

Q: What do you call a choice between cinnabar and galena?
A: Either ore.

Q: Where do Brahmans build their houses?
A: Caste lots.