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Are Walmart Employees Underpaid?

Santa arrested @Walmart: 'Even Santa's elves are paid a living wage.' #walmartstrikers pic.twitter.com/MHeWRBUuBs — Warehouse Workers (@wwunited) November 29, 2013 Attention, disgruntled Walmart employees! What does it mean to say you’re underpaid? Doesn’t it mean that there’s at least one other employer willing to pay you more than you make now? If that’s the case, go work for another employer.… Read more →

Twitter: 2009-12-10

RT @capricecrane: US Weekly: "Gosselin Kids Tell School There's No Santa." Really? Then who took your show off the air you little creeps? # Read more →

User Surveys on the Web

Look me in the eye Then tell me that I’m satisfied Hey, are you satisfied? — The Replacements, “Unsatisfied” What is a reasonable target for user satisfaction with a web site? We did a user satisfaction survey last year and found that 14 percent of respondents felt that our web site didn’t measure up to their expectations. This year, we… Read more →