EppsNet Archive: Shopping

Mistaken Identity

I’m walking through the parking lot at Kohl’s when all of a sudden, the rear hatch on an SUV pops open next to me, even though there’s no one in or around the vehicle. Then I notice several cars further down is a similar-looking SUV and a woman with an armful of parcels trying to figure out why it won’t… Read more →

A Coupon for a Nonexistent Product

There’s a guy in the Personal Care department at Target handing out coupons for women’s hair brushes . . . One woman takes the coupon and comes back a minute later to ask where that particular type of hair brush is located. “We’re out of them,” the guy says matter-of-factly. “Why don’t you just go home then?” she asks as… Read more →

Japan, Day 7: Ginza

Ginza Ginza is one of the best-known shopping districts in the world, with numerous department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffee houses. One of our favorite stores was the 12-floor UNIQLO. They’re coming to Orange County this fall! Read more →

Customer Undertone at the Furniture Store

If we spend enough money on home decorations, maybe we’ll finally have a chance to be happy . . . Read more →

EppsNet at the Movies: Arthur Christmas

Now I know how Santa delivers all the presents in one night! By the way, if you like to avoid the crowds, Thanksgiving night is a great time to go to the movies! Everyone’s either in a food coma or resting up for Black Friday shopping. We went to the 9:30 show at the Irvine Marketplace. There was no ticket… Read more →

Checking Out

“Thank you for shopping at Staples.” “Oh, thanks. That was easy. Has anyone else ever said that?” Read more →

My Son Says He Needs a New Watch

As we’re passing a watch shop in the Buffalo airport, my son, age 15, says, “That reminds me — I need a new watch.” I say, “Why do you need a new watch? When we were getting my watch, you told me you already had a cool watch.” “When was that?” “I don’t remember but it wasn’t that long ago.”… Read more →

How Korean Markets Keep Prices Low

My wife’s in a great mood. She’s just back from grocery shopping at the local Korean market, where fresh produce is sold cheaply. “Guess how much for these,” she says excitedly, holding up a package of eggs. “How many are there?” “Twenty.” I haven’t bought eggs in years so I have no idea how much they cost. I’m thinking of… Read more →

Shopping for Watches

I’m at Target shopping for a new watch. My son is with me. He’s 15 years old. “Bah,” he says, sizing up the display. “Where’s the platinum stuff?” “Look,” I say, “all I need here is an inexpensive watch that’ll tell me what time it is.” A guy behind us chortles. He knows what I’m talking about; he’s browsing through… Read more →

A Father-Son Day

Everyone’s got armbands and 3-D glasses . . . — Elvis Costello Irvine schools are on spring break this week. I took a day off for father-son activities with my boy, age 15. As we were driving back from lunch at Wingstop, I said, “You want to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D IMAX?” “Not particularly,” he said. I’d already… Read more →

Girls are a Distraction

My son’s looking forward to February when his braces come off . . . “Throw some Crest whitening strips on there and the sky’s the limit as far as girlfriends are concerned,” he says. “Girls are a distraction right now,” his mom says. “You need to focus on academics.” “Mom’s right,” I say. “Having a wife or a girlfriend is… Read more →