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More Words and Phrases I’m Sick Unto Death Of: Signage

8 Mar 2018 /

Like most words, the plural of “sign” is formed by adding an “s” on the end, not by adding “age.”

Someone must have figured out that “signage” sounds more impressive to the clientele.

“That’s a lot of money just to put up some signs.”

“We’re not putting up signs, we’re putting up signage.”

Why Do We Need the Sign?

1 Jan 2017 /

I saw this in the men’s room of Bright Angel Lodge at the Grand Canyon . . .

Why is that sign necessary? Were people complaining, “The toilet water in the men’s room tastes a little off“?

“Yes, that’s because it’s sewage. Man, we gotta put up a sign.”

Granted, there’s no bottled water sold in the national park (because of the plastic) but there are other options available before you resort to drinking toilet water.

The Sign Said, “You’ve Got to Have a Membership Card to Get Inside”

16 Nov 2015 /

Irvine Loves Bunnies

10 May 2011 /

Bunny crossing