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Which Shirt Would You Be Afraid to Wear?

Putting your own politics aside, let’s say you have two T-shirts: one with a pro-Trump slogan like “Make America Great Again” and one with an anti-Trump slogan like “Not My President.” Which one would you be more afraid to wear in public? Or to put it another way: which shirt do you think would be more likely to draw the… Read more →

Vatican Splendors at the Reagan Library

They had a funny rule in the Vatican exhibit: photos were okay but no selfies. I could stand in front of an artifact and have someone take a picture of me, but I could not take a picture of myself. I asked one of the docents about the reason for that. “Does it detract from the holiness of the enterprise… Read more →

It’s Not Nice to Make Fun of People’s Clothes

I picked up a red striped T-shirt on sale at Old Navy. My son saw it and it seemed to me that he chuckled a little bit. “What’s funny?” I asked. “Where’s Waldo?” he said. Read more →

Bored to Death

The shirt wouldn’t look good on me but I know the feeling . . . Read more →

It’s Not All Bad for USC Athletics

Okay, not a great season for USC football but on the bright side, the men’s water polo team won back-to-back national championships with a 7-6 win over UCLA in today’s title match. T-shirts are available! Read more →

A San Jose State Fan

There were some San Jose State fans at the game . . . as we were walking in, we saw a guy wearing a blue and gold T-shirt that said “The Only Trojan I Need Is On My D*ck” (The asterisk was actually on the shirt. Wouldn’t want to offend anyone.) “Enjoy the game,” I said to him. Final score:… Read more →

A T-Shirt with a Gorilla on It

I took my boy to Souplantation for dinner after his hockey game. An Indian kid in the line across from us was wearing a t-shirt with a gorilla on it. “That Indian guy has a cool shirt,” my son said. “I’d rock that.” “I’d sport that,” he said. “I’d don that,” he said. “I’d . . .” “I get it.… Read more →