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Which Shirt Would You Be Afraid to Wear?

23 Jan 2017 /

Putting your own politics aside, let’s say you have two T-shirts: one with a pro-Trump slogan like “Make America Great Again” and one with an anti-Trump slogan like “Not My President.”

Which one would you be more afraid to wear in public?

Or to put it another way: which shirt do you think would be more likely to draw the ire of violent sociopaths?

Vatican Splendors at the Reagan Library

19 Sep 2016 /

They had a funny rule in the Vatican exhibit: photos were okay but no selfies. I could stand in front of an artifact and have someone take a picture of me, but I could not take a picture of myself.

I asked one of the docents about the reason for that. “Does it detract from the holiness of the enterprise or what?”

“No, people taking selfies tend to lose track of their surroundings and start banging into the art.”


I bought a souvenir T-shirt for $32 in the gift shop. They made me sign the credit card slip, even though a lot of places trust me for amounts under $50.

“Trust but verify” as President Reagan himself used to say.

It’s Not Nice to Make Fun of People’s Clothes

31 May 2012 /
Striped T-shirt

I picked up a red striped T-shirt on sale at Old Navy. My son saw it and it seemed to me that he chuckled a little bit.

“What’s funny?” I asked.

“Where’s Waldo?” he said.

Bored to Death

17 Jul 2010 /

The shirt wouldn’t look good on me but I know the feeling . . .

T-Shirt Ad

It’s Not All Bad for USC Athletics

6 Dec 2009 /
USC Water Polo T-Shirt

Okay, not a great season for USC football but on the bright side, the men’s water polo team won back-to-back national championships with a 7-6 win over UCLA in today’s title match.

T-shirts are available!

A San Jose State Fan

5 Sep 2009 /

There were some San Jose State fans at the game . . . as we were walking in, we saw a guy wearing a blue and gold T-shirt that said “The Only Trojan I Need Is On My D*ck”

(The asterisk was actually on the shirt. Wouldn’t want to offend anyone.)

“Enjoy the game,” I said to him.

Final score: USC 56, SJS 3.

A T-Shirt with a Gorilla on It

11 Dec 2008 /
XLarge T-Shirt

I took my boy to Souplantation for dinner after his hockey game. An Indian kid in the line across from us was wearing a t-shirt with a gorilla on it.

“That Indian guy has a cool shirt,” my son said. “I’d rock that.”

“I’d sport that,” he said.

“I’d don that,” he said.

“I’d . . .”

“I get it. Now shut up so I can focus on my salad.”