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Time Management


We had a time management seminar at the office today but I couldn’t find a way to fit it into my schedule. Read more →

Time and People Shortages


High-tech workers fervently believe in time and people shortages. Much of the time, you have no idea whether a shortage really exists. You assume that the shortage is real, instead of carefully examining the situation. Many explanations based on insufficiencies arise from unexamined assumptions. — Jim McCarthy Read more →

Time-Saving Tip of the Day


Find things that don’t need to be done and don’t do them. Read more →

I Like to Manage My Own Time


The dog and I are having a great time this morning playing tug-of-war. My wife is ironing clothes. “What time is it?” she asks. “It’s 7:22. Are you trying to tell me to stop playing around and go to work?” “No, I’m trying to time it so I can stop ironing and make Casey’s breakfast before he has to go to school.” “Apology accepted.” Read more →

Time Management


DOGBERT (typing): “Always postpone meetings with time-wasting morons.” DILBERT (reading over his shoulder): How do you do that? DOGBERT: Can I get back to you on that? — Scott Adams Read more →

The One Most Important Thing


The first rule of thumb I pull out of my hat for myself and for my clients is this. Before you start working every day ask yourself “What is the one most important thing I could do today?” This is different than what you have to do or what you should do. It is the most important thing you could do. The answer, if you think carefully, is usually something that requires courage and integrity and not a lot of time. For instance, resolving an ongoing issue with a coworker or talking to your boss about the future of your career or hiring a personal trainer. When you consider To Do lists, they are infinite. In other words, there is an infinite amount of stuff you could do. So the best leverage you can get is making sure you do the most important thing first. It seems to be a… Read more →