EppsNet Archive: Vodka

Belief and Vodka Both Wear Off

27 Jul 2011 /

“I want to believe. And I want others to believe.”


“I want them to be happy.”

“Let them drink a little vodka then. That’s better than a make-believe.”

“The vodka wears off. It’s wearing off even now.”

“So does belief.”

— Graham Greene, Monsignor Quixote

Mommy’s Water

29 Sep 2008 /

Roller hockey season is starting up again . . .

I don’t know why but I was thinking about one of the moms from last year’s team — she brought bottles of water to the tournaments, some filled with actual water for her kid, and some filled with vodka for herself.

To the untrained eye, they looked identical. I think she may have filled the vodka bottles to a little less than capacity so she could tell them apart. More than once I heard her saying, “Not that one, honey. That’s Mommy’s water.”