It’s Only Bad When Americans Die?

How the coronavirus is affecting the US

“More than 230,000 people have died from COVID! I hope everyone remembers that on Election Day!”

“Are you suggesting Trump is responsible for the 230,000 deaths? He’s kept you alive. A dubious achievement, I grant you. But there’s about 330 million people in the US, so why not look at it that way? He’s kept almost 330 million people alive.”

“I’ve kept myself alive. I wear a mask, wash my hands, social distancing . . .”

“Sure, sure . . . are you saying we can choose whether or not to be infected? Everyone knows what’s safe and unsafe. Did the 230,000 people choose to get sick and die? Or did everyone who’s still here take care of themselves but all the deaths are on Trump?

“And by the way, your death count is too low by about a million people. You’re citing the death count for one country. It’s a global pandemic. I understand you haven’t figured out how to blame the rest of the deaths on Trump, but what is your position here? It’s bad when Americans die and everyone else can go to hell? What a humanitarian you are.”

Read My Lips: No New Frackses

Thomas Jefferson

My fellow Americans –

This Biden fellow is the biggest liar on two feet. I heard him on last night’s debate saying “I never said I oppose fracking.”

“You said it on tape,” President Trump replied.

“Show the tape!” Biden said angrily. “Put it on your website!”

OK, first of all, here’s the tape:

Second, Biden knows he said it, he knows he said it on tape . . . I’d seen the tapes many times myself.

Why on God’s green earth would he stand there and not only lie about it but insist that his opponent produce a tape of him lying about it?

It’s the most shameless thing I’ve ever seen! Given the audacity of it, do I believe he’s taken millions of dollars from foreign entities?

Well, he denied that as well. “I have never taken a penny from any foreign source,” he said.

I don’t believe that was even the allegation. The allegation was that his son took money from foreign sources and gave him a cut of it.

Or maybe he was taking about a penny as a particular denomination of coin?

I do believe the man’s name is Joe Biden. Everything else he said, I think he was lying.

Thomas Jefferson

A Child Rapist, A Human Trafficker and a Church Leader Walk Into a Bar


California judge tosses extortion charges against megachurch leader; child rape and human trafficking counts left in placeOC Register

Who would you trust: a child rapist, a human trafficker or a church leader? The good news is you don’t have to choose because they’re all the same person.

Car Enthusiasts Considered Harmful?


1 dead, 2 injured and 2 arrested after dozens of car enthusiasts congregate in Anaheim, Costa MesaOC Register

How does one die from congregating with car enthusiasts?

California Proposition 23, Dialysis Clinic Requirements Initiative


The ballot summary sounds pretty reasonable:

  • Requires at least one licensed physician on site during treatment at outpatient kidney dialysis clinics; authorizes California Department of Public Health to exempt clinics from this requirement if there is a shortage of qualified licensed physicians and the clinic has at least one nurse practitioner or physician assistant on site.
  • Requires clinics to report dialysis-related infection data to state and federal governments.
  • Prohibits clinics from closing or reducing services without state approval.
  • Prohibits clinics from refusing to treat patients based on the source of payment for care

I can see in the ballot summary that the proposition is supported by the California Democratic Party, but I haven’t personally heard a single endorsement or seen a single ad supporting it.

Almost all the “No on 23” ads feature dialysis patients saying that Prop 23 will force the closure of dialysis clinics and that without dialysis, they will die.

I’ve never felt so powerful. The state of California is giving me the opportunity to cast a vote in favor of killing kidney patients.

Steve Scully: Ex-Debate Moderator or Lying Bastard?


Steve Scully was going to be the moderator of tonight’s now-cancelled presidential debate.

I know a lot of people who think President Trump’s “fake news” feud with the media is based largely on his own paranoid imagination.

But do you really think that a guy who has publicly stated that Donald Trump should never be president is a good choice to moderate a presidential debate in which one of the participants is Donald Trump? There wasn’t anyone a bit more impartial available?

Wait, it gets better. While in college, Scully served as an intern for — wait for it — Sen. Joe Biden.

OK, now for the coup de grâce! Today, C-SPAN suspended Scully indefinitely after he admitted to lying about his Twitter feed being hacked when he was confronted about a questionable exchange with former Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci.

A week ago, after Trump (and others) had been blasting him for weeks as a “never Trumper,” (demonstrably true, see above tweet) and therefore a lousy choice as a debate moderator, Scully tweeted “@Scaramucci should I respond to Trump.” Scaramucci, a former Trump communications director and now a critic of the president, advised Scully to ignore him.

When Scully saw that his tweet had created a controversy, he claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked.

Of course that’s what everyone says, but no hacker is ever found. Probably the same guy who “hacked” Joy Reid’s account.

Absolutely insane. Man, I hate the media.

Good riddance, you lying bastard . . .

I’ve been trying to get down to the heart of the matter but my will gets weak and my thoughts seem to scatter, but I think it’s about . . . forgiveness . . . forgiveness . . .

My Boyhood Sports Icons are Dying: Bob Gibson and Joe Morgan


Bob GibsonJoe Morgan

Between games, [Willie] Mays came over to me and said, ‘Now, in the second game, you’re going up against Bob Gibson.’ I only half-listened to what he was saying, figuring it didn’t make much difference. So I walked up to the plate the first time and started digging a little hole with my back foot…No sooner did I start digging that hole than I hear Willie screaming from the dugout: ‘Noooooo!’ Well, the first pitch came inside. No harm done, though. So I dug in again. The next thing I knew, there was a loud crack and my left shoulder was broken. I should have listened to Willie.

— Jim Ray Hart

RIP Bob and Joe

U-C-L-A Sucks


Forty years ago, @mickfleetwoodofficial, @stevienicks, and @lindseybuckingham presented the USC Trojan Marching Band with a platinum record for “Tusk.”


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EppsNet Album Reviews: Rough and Rowdy Ways and Red Dirt Girl


One new, one old:

Highlights: “False Prophet,” “Goodbye Jimmy Reed,” “I’ve Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You.”

Rating: 5 stars

Highlights: “The Pearl,” “Michelangelo,” “My Baby Needs a Shepherd.”

Rating: 5 stars

I Don’t Think I Would Be Allowed to Run a Store


The convenience store where I buy sodas in the morning has literally four signs at the entrance saying wear a face covering if you come in the store.

This morning a guy comes in with no face covering and a cup. The girl at the register says to him, “You can’t come in without a face covering.”

“I’m just going to get a cup of water,” he says. So there’s another problem, which is that nobody knows the provenance of that cup and he’s going to push it into a public water dispenser.

“You can’t be in here without a face covering,” the girl says a little more loudly.

“I said I’m just going to get a cup of water!” Which he does.

When I get to the register, I say to the girl, “I don’t think I could run a store because I would pick up the rifle that I keep behind the counter, stick it in that guy’s eyeball and say ‘I’m going to count backwards from two, and when I get to one, you better be out of the store. Thank you.”

“You’re going to kill a guy for not wearing a mask?!”

“No, not the mask. I don’t care if he wears a mask or doesn’t wear a mask or shoves a mask up his ass. I’m going to kill him for breaking the rules. That’s law and order, baby. Although I expect the deterrent effect would be enough to avert the loss of life.”

The Last Words of the COVID Patient


This mask-wearing thing has really developed into a holy war . . .

People want to blame President Trump for virus deaths but there are a lot of people out here who aren’t going to be told what to do (e.g., wear a mask) based on what somebody else believes! This is America and that’s not the way things are done!

I don’t know a single healthcare professional who doesn’t advise wearing a mask, but for some reason every RV salesman and 7-11 clerk thinks they’re qualified to evaluate medical research.

“Do some flippen research,” they say.

I tell you what, I wouldn’t go to my doctor’s office for a Big Gulp, and I wouldn’t go to 7-11 for medical advice unless I was really tired of living and I’d rather be dead.

I wonder how many COVID patients’ last words were “The clerk at 7-11 said wearing masks is for suckers”?

How to Kill a Boycott


“I’m disappointed to see that this yogurt I’m eating is the official yogurt of the NFL. I’m not happy about it. Don’t like it.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I’m boycotting the NFL.”


“Too much bullshit.”

“You’ve never watched the NFL anyway.”

“Yeah, well don’t let that get around. It’ll dilute the impact of my boycott.”


Hey Google! Does Joe Biden Have Dementia?


Here’s a fun experiment you can try out yourself . . .

Pull up a Google search bar and type “does joe biden have dementia.” Of course you know Google has an autocomplete feature to fill in common searches. Here’s what happened when I started to type “does joe biden have dementia”:

Does Joe Biden have dementia?

According to Google, the top search starting with “does joe biden have” is “does joe biden have a dog”! Are people making decisions about presidential candidates based on whether or not they have a dog?!

Here’s the result when I type in the whole search phrase:

Does Joe Biden have dementia?

There’s no autocomplete at all! Apparently I’m the only person in the entire universe to enter the search phrase “does joe biden have dementia.”

Now switch search engines. I switched to DuckDuckGo and started typing the same search phrase. Here’s the result:

Does Joe Biden have dementia?

With DuckDuckGo, I only have to type three letters to get an autocomplete for “does joe biden have dementia”!

I’m not even sure what the right word is for what Google is doing here. “Dishonest” is not strong enough and I don’t think “sinister” is either. Maybe “corrupt” or “malignant.”

They buried that search. And there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the organization who cares or feels safe in saying “That is some bullshit right there and regardless of political persuasion, I’m not going to be part of it.”

Thus spoke The Programmer.

A Lot of Controversies Are Spoiled By a Guy Who Actually Know What He’s Talking About


I saw this headline today on

A Judge Asked Harvard to Find Out Why So Many Black People Were In Prison. They Could Only Find 1 Answer: Systemic Racism

The author of the article is someone named Michael Harriot, whose bio describes him as a “world-renowned wypipologist.” (Look it up.)

The section that caught my attention was where the author proposes and rejects other explanations for the number of black people in prison. An excerpt:

“White people make up roughly 74% of the Massachusetts population while accounting for 58.7% of cases in our data,” the study explained. “Meanwhile, Black people make up just 6.5% of the Massachusetts population and account for 17.1% of cases.”

Of course, that could only mean that Black people commit much more crime, right?


That’s it. No further explanation. No link to relevant data. Just “Nope.”

I added a comment to the article:

“Of course, that could only mean that Black people commit much more crime, right?


According to the FBI statistics, black citizens commit about half the murders in the United States (

Maybe Harvard could do a study on why there are so many men in prison. Systemic sexism, probably.

My comment went into moderation, from where it quickly disappeared completely. Throw a fact at these fools and you immediately become persona non grata.

My Boyhood Sports Icons Are Dying: Tom Seaver, Lou Brock


Tom Seaver Lou Brock

RIP Tom and Lou

Would There Be No One to Remember


Did you suffer at the end
Would there be no one to remember
Did you banish all the old ghosts
With the terms of surrender
And could you hear me calling out your name
Well I guess that I will never know

Last night I dreamed about you
I dreamed that you were weeping
And your tears poured down like diamonds
For a love beyond all keeping
And you caught them one by one
In a million silk bandannas that I gave you long ago

— Emmylou Harris, “Michelangelo”

The Silence is the Voice of God


Our path is worn our feet are poorly shod
We lift up our prayer against the odds
And fear the silence is the voice of God, of God, of God

And we cry Hallelujah, Hallelujah, we cry Hallelujah

It is the heart that kills us in the end
Just one more old broken bone that cannot mend
As it was now and ever shall be amen, amen, amen

— Emmylou Harris, “The Pearl”

And That’s the Truth: 93 Percent Peaceful

Sojourner Truth

[And That’s the Truth is a feature by our guest blogger, Sojourner Truth– PE]

Somebody put out a report sayin that 93% of Black Lives Matter protests in the US were peaceful.

Now if’n you got a brain in yo head, you realize that statement don’t mean a goddamn thing.

Fust off, what counts as a protest? One guy on a street corner with a sign. Is that a protest?

Next thing, what is “peaceful”? I mean, I seen clowns on the TV telling me they at a “peaceful” protest and there’s a big fire goin on behind em.

Fiery But Mostly Peaceful

So I dont know what a protest is and I dont know what “peaceful” is but even if I take the numbers they give me, 7 percent is 617 riots in 220 cities.

Man, I bet Hitler is in Hell right now going “Why didn’t I think of this? Hey, I wasn’t a bad guy. Look at the percentage of people I didn’t kill.”

And that’s the Truth!

Traffic Stops and Swimming Pools

person about to dive on swimming pool
Photo by Emilio Garcia on Unsplash

We know that people can maintain an unshakable faith in any proposition, however absurd, when they are sustained by a community of like-minded believers.

—Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow

When I was younger (we’re all very well-behaved now 🙂 ), I had several friends and family members who had unpleasant run-ins with police, where they were cuffed or arrested or beaten, the common thread being not that they were black (they were all white), but they were all wise-asses who didn’t respect authority and couldn’t find it within themselves to be compliant to a police officer.

One day my 9th-grade gym teacher told us (again, all white boys) to be excessively polite to police officers — yes sir, no sir — have your day in court if it came to that, but better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

In my experience, the narrative that only black citizens have run-ins with cops and have no agency over whether the encounter escalates is quite wrong.

I say this as background to a conversation I had recently with a local lunatic regarding race . . .

“Are you scared of dying every time you get pulled over?” she asked. “And would you, without reservation, be a black person in America right now?”

“Good question . . . my family would be in for quite a shock. A ‘black person in America’ . . . who would I be? Barack Obama? Lebron James?

“There’s a model for being successful in America, even as a member of a marginalized group.

“On the traffic stop, I’ve heard that cops pull over black motorists just because they’re black, so I always wonder why they’re pulling me over. But I’m not scared of dying.”

“So your answer is no, whether you realize it or not. And every black American is scared of dying at a traffic stop. Every. Black. American.”

“Why? People of all races are killed at traffic stops.” I knew that introducing a fact would be the knockout blow. “And do you mind if I ask how many black Americans you talked to before reaching that conclusion?”

“I researched it as part of my PhD studies. I’ve seen Chris Rock on Comedians in Cars . . .”

“You did your PhD studies by watching comedy shows on TV?”

“I’ve read at least 7 books on the subject. I listen, I observe. I’ve read and listened to Donald Glover.”

“Aren’t all the people you’ve mentioned still alive? Maybe this ‘dying at traffic stops” thing is not a rational fear.”

“So if you want to say something stupid like ‘People of all races die at traffic stops’ . . . I’m not going to waste my time on white men who don’t want to learn anything.”

“What is your issue with ‘People of all races die at traffic stops’? It’s an indisputable fact that blows up the whole fake narrative. I’m a scientist. I deal with facts and rationality. You deal with anecdotes, emotion, urban legends, some kind of mind-reading trick that allows you to see inside the head of ‘every black American,’ and you assume that if anyone sees the world differently than you do, it’s because they have something to ‘learn.’

“You want to teach me something? How many Americans die annually at traffic stops, broken down by race?”

“I don’t know that. I’d have to look it up.”

“The number is about 100. It breaks down pretty evenly by race: 30 black, 30 white, 30 Hispanic. Only the black deaths make the news, but even without looking case by case at how many had open warrants, how many had weapons in the car, how many resisted arrest, the probability of being killed at a traffic stop is extremely low. It’s not a rational fear. It’s just something that’s pumped up by hustlers in exchange for money and votes from gullible people like you, and to advance an anti-cop agenda.

“I read a while back that about 50 people a year are struck by lightning. Are you scared of being struck by lightning? I’m not. It’s too rare. But it’s almost twice as common as a black motorist being killed at a traffic stop.”

“I can also tell you that about 100 black Americans a year die in swimming pool accidents. Can you peer into the minds of ‘every black American’ and tell me if they live in fear of swimming pools? 100 is still a very small number but it’s a far more common cause of death than traffic stops.

“Maybe we can defund the police and invest in swimming lessons.”