The Knowledge of What They Really Are


Maddow and O'Donnell

Let’s express this as clearly as it can be expressed. Any journalist who treats unverified stories from the CIA or other government agencies as true, without needing any evidence or applying any skepticism, is worthless. Actually, they are worse than worthless: they are toxic influences who deserve pure contempt. Every journalist knows that governments lie constantly and that it is a betrayal of their profession to serve as mindless mouthpieces for these security agencies: that is why they will vehemently deny they do this if you confront them with this accusation. They know it is a shameful thing to do. . . .

Even when they learn that they deceived millions of people by uncritically repeating a story that the CIA told them was true, they will — on the very same day that they learn they did this — do exactly the same thing, this time with a one-paragraph Treasury Department Press Release. These are agents of disinformation: state media. And when they speak, you should listen to them with the knowledge of what they really are, and treat them accordingly.

Paul Epps

My phone showed a call from CHESHIRE CT, either someone from Connecticut or a Cheshire Cat, but I didn’t want to talk to either one.

Movin’ On


“I’m still mad at the former guy for killing 500,000 of us. Anybody else feel the same way?”

“I’m actually mad that he kept you alive. Also, there are 3 million global COVID deaths. Who are you mad at about those? Also, aren’t you from Toronto? What do you mean by ‘us’?”

“I mean human beings.”

“If you care about human beings, then why are you using the 500,000 number instead of 3 million? I get it, you didn’t like Trump. He’s gone. Why are you still spouting the same low-IQ bullshit? Move on already.”

And That’s the Truth: Anti-Asian Racism

Sojourner Truth

[And That’s the Truth is a feature by our guest blogger, Sojourner Truth — PE]

The media dont give a goddamn about Asians unless they can fit em into a narrative that they like and thanks to some idiot in Atlanta shooting up massage parlors, Asians can be fit now into two narratives.

The guy in Atlanta said massage parlors gave him a sex addiction so he had to shoot eight people. Six of em were Asian women. I dont know if’n youve noticed this but theres a lot of Asian women in massage parlors.

But the narrative is white supremacy and he hates Asians. So why did he shoot the other two people? Does he hate Asians but he caint tell is someone Asian or not?

And the other narrative is wealth disparity. See, you got them crazy rich Asians and then you got the Asians who aint rich and have to work in massage parlors and get shot.

It’s all story-tellin’. There ain’t no surge of anti-Asian racism. There just ain’t. You just thinks there is cause the news told you so. It’s all bullshit.

And that’s the Truth!

International Transgender Day of Visibility

Trans flag

Did you know that March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility:? I didn’t know it either until today when someone posted an announcement on a corporate message board.

It’s not even that new. It started in 2009.

As Joe Biden would say, here’s the thing: 1) Everybody plays by the same rules. 2) Do whatever you want but don’t feel like you have to bash everyone over the fucking head with it.

Is it within the rules for a woman to post on a corporate message board that she had vigorous intercourse with a man last night? And if someone takes exception she replies that she wants to recognize the accomplishments of heterosexual men and women, to celebrate the successes of the community and to educate those who may discriminate against cis-normative individuals?

I feel like that would not be well-received, that maybe I’m inventing this but that we are implicitly operating under two sets of rules: transgender good, heterosexual bad.

Another Difference Between Men and Women


My condolences to everyone involved in this painful case. Am I allowed to observe that men also have their genitals examined by medical professionals, who may be doctors, nurses or others, who may identify as male or female, straight or gay, but I’ve never heard of a man filing a lawsuit because he felt there was something wrong with the way the examination was conducted.

Other than every single examination of male genitals being conducted in a way that was unquestionably above reproach, which seems unlikely, I don’t even want to speculate on the reason for the discrepancy.

Also, my doctor, who identifies as female, once stuck her finger up my ass. There was no one else in the room at the time. She said she didn’t enjoy it but I feel like at least one of us should have enjoyed it, otherwise why would she do it?

Maybe I need to get a legal opinion on that?

And That’s the Truth: Smith College

Sojourner Truth

[And That’s the Truth is a feature by our guest blogger, Sojourner Truth– PE]

Many of us participated in the Civil Rights Movement, fighting for equal treatment under the law, which included due process and the presumption of innocence. We didn’t march so that Americans of any race could be presumed guilty and punished for false accusations while the elite institution that employed them cowered in fear of a social media mob. We certainly didn’t march so that privileged Blacks could abuse working class whites based on ‘lived experience.’

Have you gathered any verifiable evidence of success from the ‘antibias’ training you forced your service employees to undergo as a condition of their employment? Please consider that many Black Americans find training that reduces us simply to a racial category profoundly condescending and dehumanizing.

And that’s the Truth!

What is the Likely Result of Overcharging the George Floyd Case?


Active law enforcement officers, by policy, can’t have a voice in America. They’re not allowed to speak their mind. They’re not allowed to say what they’re going through because of department, anti-social media policies. It’s down to the point now where if their wives or husband likes something, they’re being questioned over that.

So, I’m that voice. I don’t have the restrictions of having a department policy over me. And I have my ear to the law enforcement officers across the nation, what they’re going through amongst themselves with their supervision, with politicians, with the community. And I speak on that. And again, we get back to that false rhetoric, the narratives.

There’s 800,000 police officers, sworn law enforcement officers in America. There are 300 million police community contacts a year, 30 million criminal investigation contacts, 1.7 million violent felonies.

Police in 2019 shot under a thousand people and only 54 of those thousand people were unarmed. So, now you’re talking 5% of all shootings are the unarmed civilians.

And then when you break down the unarmed civilians, most of them are white people. So, it’s not that police are just indiscriminately shooting unarmed black people in the community.

If you listen to the false rhetoric out there, we’re gunning down black children all across America. I think there was a recent poll where they said they thought it was in thousands. . . . In 2019, do you know how many unarmed black children under the age of 18 that police officers shot and killed? [It] was one.

And it was an 18-year-old who was on drugs, naked, beating his girlfriend and her best friend who she called for help. When the police got there, he fled, they chased him, he started fighting with them, they tasered him twice, and he tried to remove the officer’s gun, so the partner shot him.

Now, it’s classified as an unarmed shooting because it started off unarmed, but once you grab that gun and once you’re in a fight with an armed police officer, you’re no longer unarmed, whoever wins that fight is armed. So, that’s the shooting and that’s the reality of it.

Things that happened like with George Floyd and the incidents that have sparked riots across the nation, let’s investigate. There’s not a police officer I know that didn’t see the George Floyd video and said that it wasn’t important. It was common ground.

We all thought it was disgusting. There’s avenues to investigate that, there’s avenues to punish that. But now you have prosecutors overcharging and trying to please the public to where in a year from now, or actually a couple of months now, when that goes to trial and they can’t live up to the charges that they’ve brought, we’re going to go through this all over again. Because, in my opinion, they did overcharge. They did rush to judgment, because they had to appease the public crowd.

That’s not what investigations are for. Investigations are to look at the facts and charge appropriately, not based on emotion, but the law.

Anyone who saw the video has emotional feelings on that and that’s fine to have, but I want to see the proper charges filed. I want to see the officer held accountable under those proper charges, not get acquitted and we have riots nationwide, which hurt hundreds of more police officers, arrest thousands of individuals, and we’re back to square one.

See You in Hell, Violent Idiots


[See You in Hell is a feature by our guest blogger, Satan — PE]

Greetings mortals!

I was reading about the shootings that occurred in Atlanta last Tuesday. The author says, “Eight people were murdered. Six of them were Asian-American women. It seems impossible to feel this as anything other than anti-Asian and misogynistic violence.”

Here’s a tip: Whenever someone prefaces an opinion by saying “it’s impossible to feel differently about this than the way I feel about it,” the speaker is full of shit.

State your case. Hit me with some evidence.

If the shooter had opened fire in a supermarket like the violent idiot in Boulder, he could have killed anyone he wanted to. Had he killed mostly Asian women, then I’d say you’ve got a good case for anti-Asian, misogynistic violence.

But the guy in Atlanta shot up massage parlors. He blamed them for turning him into a sex addict.

You can’t swing a cat in a massage parlor without knocking down an Asian woman and if you open fire in a massage parlor, you’re going to hit a lot of Asian women because that’s who’s there.

See you in Hell!

P.S. The shooter in Boulder was initially thought to be a white guy. After about 750,000 “white supremacy” tweets, Twitter had to stand down when it turned out he’s Arabic.

Multiple “blue checks,” including the USA Today Race and Inclusion Editor and the niece of the vice president of the United States, along with the usual collection of idiots, then decided it would be in their best interest to delete one or more racially focused tweets, and in at least one case, to delete their entire account.

Then: “Kids in Cages”; Now: “Facilities Similar to Jail”


The number of unaccompanied teens and children in U.S. custody along the U.S.-Mexico border has reached record numbers, forcing children to stay longer in perilously overcrowded border facilities, many of which are similar to jail.

Unrelated thought: Didn’t President Biden campaign on amnesty and a halt to deportations?

They Must Not Have Prepped Her For That One


It’s funny when someone gets killed with their own sword, in this case the lunacy of implicit bias. And she never see it coming:

Mother of God

An Underwhelming Correction


Here’s a pretty underwhelming correction:

As a journalist, either put a goddamn name on the source so we can verify the information, or verify it yourself before publishing, not two months later, after everyone’s already assimilated the original bullshit as truth.

Now a question: Why would anyone believe what they read or hear in the media anymore when “news” is attributed to anonymous “sources” and published without knowing, or apparently caring, whether or not it’s true?

Woke White Boy: Antifa Storming a Bank

Woke White Boy

Antifa, man, they just tried to storm a bank in Portland and got held off by ONE SECURITY GUARD!

Then they tried and failed again to get inside the federal courthouse.

That Trump mob got inside the fucking US CAPITOL in 5 minutes and Antifa’s been trying to get in that courthouse for MONTHS!

What a bunch of fucking pussies, man, I couldn’t be more disgusted right now.


Antifa tries to storm a bank

Taylor Lorenz is More Privileged Than You Are


Taylor Lorenz and her media allies know that she is more privileged and influential than you are. That is precisely why they feel justified in creating paradigms that make it illegitimate to criticize her. They think only themselves and those like them deserve to participate in the public discourse. Since they cannot fully control the technology that allows everyone to be heard (they partially control it by pressuring tech monopolies to censors their adversaries), they need to create storylines and scripts designed to coerce their critics into silence.

Knowing that you will be vilified as some kind of brute abuser if you criticize a New York Times reporter is, for many people, too high of a price to pay for doing it. So people instead refrain, stay quiet, and that is the obvious objective of this lowly strategy. . . .

No discussion of this tactic would be complete without noting its strong ideological component: its weaponization for partisan aims. Say whatever you’d like about [conservative women] . . . Let it all fly without the slightest concern for accusations of misogyny, which, rest easy, will not be forthcoming no matter how crude or misogynistic the attacks are.

Do You Know What They Call a Quarter-Pounder in Denmark?


Denmark doesn’t have a statutory minimum wage though.

Per-capita income in the US is about the same as in Denmark, even though we are a multi-cultural nation of around 330 million people that naturalizes another 900,000 people every year, many from poor nations, and that Denmark is a homogeneous country of fewer than 6 million citizens that, in recent years, has effectively shut down its borders to poor immigrants.

Also, in Denmark, everyone pays high taxes, not just the high earners.

A Danish fast-food employee at $22/hr (about $45,000/yr) pays around half their earnings to the government, plus a 25% value-added tax on most purchases. In return, it must be noted, Danes receive all kinds of government-provided services.

Ocasio-Cortez says, “when we keep the minimum wage artificially low, it’s at a huge cost to our government, . . . they’re essentially enormous subsidies to Walmart.”

She’s against subsidies?

Regarding McDonald’s, every one of their restaurants I’ve patronized recently has touch-screen self-service kiosks. Grocery stores have self-service checkouts. I also noticed today for the first time that CVS had installed a couple of self-service checkouts.

Minimum-wage workers are being replaced by robots.

Ocasio-Cortez is correct in saying that a minimum wage is artificial, but it’s just as artificial at $15 as it is at some lower number.

The Congressional Budget Office says that 1.4 million people would lose work due to a $15 national minimum wage. That would put them at the only non-artificial minimum wage: zero.

Alan Dershowitz: All Americans Need to Fight Cancel Culture


I hope all Americans wake up to this. I hope it’s not just the “shoe is on the other foot” test. Now, the conservatives are the victims of cancel culture so they’re big supporters of the Constitution and constitutional rights. During McCarthyism, it was the left that were the victims, and the right were the oppressors.

We need both the right, the left, and also the center to stand united against censorship, against cancel culture, and in favor of the marketplace of ideas.

We have the right to flip the channel if we don’t like what’s on Newsmax. Change the channel, but don’t tell the carriers, the satellite carriers, and the cable carriers, to deny us the right to watch Newsmax. That is wrong.

Ban Dr. Seuss Before It’s Too Late


In Baltimore, there are 13 public high schools where zero percent of students can do math at grade level. There are six other city high schools where only 1 percent of students can do math at grade level.

We must ban more Dr. Seuss books before these numbers get worse!

person drawing on white sketch pad
Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

A Positive Human Future?


If you were a farmer in Nebraska 100 years ago when the Titanic went down, you wouldn’t have known about that for about six months.

Today we’re bombarded with news, almost all of which is bad, and yet people wonder about the epidemic of depression and anxiety.

What is journalism’s vision of a positive human future? Where are the people who are being praised for bringing about a positive human future? Where is the news about virtue and heroism in the world?

This is the sign you've been looking for neon signage
Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

I’m Actually Old Enough to Remember Freedom of Speech


Poland Proposes $13.5 Million Fines for Tech Giants Engaging in Ideological CensorshipThe Epoch Times

Freedom of Speech

I’m actually old enough to remember when the USA, not Poland, carried the torch for freedom of speech.

We took it for granted I suppose, but Poland has much more recent experience with being told what they are not allowed to think, say or write, and they don’t like it.

Na Zdrowie, Polska!

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote the following:

I was born and raised among people for whom freedom was the most precious of values. In Poland we are so attached to freedom because we know what it is like when someone tries to limit it.

For close to 50 years we lived in a country in which censorship was practiced, in which Big Brother told us how we are meant to live and what we are meant to feel, and what we are not allowed to think, say or write. That is why we are so concerned with any attempt to limit freedom.

One of the synonyms of freedom for us Poles has always been the internet. It is the most democratic medium in history, a forum on which everyone can have a voice. It is a tool which gives everyone the opportunity to have an impact, in a way which was unknown to us even a dozen or so years ago.

The freedoms that came with the lack of regulation of the internet had numerous positive aspects. But there are also negative consequences: with time, it became dominated by huge, international corporations, wealthier and more powerful than many nations. These corporations treat our online activity merely as a source of revenue and a tool to increase their global domination. They have also introduced their own standards of political correctness, and they fight those who oppose them.

We are now increasingly faced with practices we believed were left in the past. The censoring of free speech, once the domain of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, is now back, but in a new form, run by corporations, who silence those who think differently.

Discussion consists in the exchange of views, not in silencing people. We do not have to agree with what our opponents write, but we cannot forbid anyone from expressing views that do not contravene the law.

Everything which is not forbidden is allowed. Also on the internet, there is no tolerance for censorship, nor can there ever be. No tolerance for state censorship, such as the one Poland faced under communism, or the private type, which we are seeing today. Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of democracy – that is why we must defend it. It is not up to algorithms or the owners of huge corporations to decide what opinions are correct and which aren’t.

Poland will always stand at the guard of democratic values, including freedom of speech. The owners of social media networks cannot operate above the law. That is why we will do everything to define the frame of operations of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other similar platforms. In Poland we will regulate with appropriate national regulation. We will also suggest similar laws be passed in all of the EU.

Social media platforms have to serve us, and not the interests of their powerful owners. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. Poland will defend that right.

Nobody Believes in Anything. Problem?


I get a daily email newsletter from the New York Times, in which one of this week’s entries was a conversation with John Schwartz, a Times reporter who focuses on the climate. If Schwartz has any qualifications on the subject of climate science like, say, a relevant degree or something, he modestly omits it from his Times bio.

Much of the Pacific Northwest is blanketed in snow. Texas continues to endure frigid weather and electricity outages. Another winter storm is spreading across much of the country.

How is this consistent with global warming? Well, as Schwartz “explains” it, when temperatures go up, that’s a sign of global warming, and when temperatures go down, that’s also a sign of global warming.

He adds, “We’ve always had floods, fires and storms, but climate change adds oomph to many weather events.”

“Oomph”!? Follow the science!


Nobody believes anything from the media anymore, probably because almost everything we get from the media is either made-up fairy tale bullshit, or opinions on subjects for which the person giving the opinion has only a fraction of the knowledge they would need to offer a more informed opinion than any random drunk on a barstool.

A Cal Tech physicist, I forget which one — it might have been Murray Gell-Mann — once observed that whenever he heard or read something in the media regarding a topic he knew about, the information was almost always wrong. And he concluded from that, not unreasonably, that information from the media was almost always wrong on all other topics as well.

I’ve observed the same thing, that the media are almost always wrong on topics I know about. Is there any reason to think they’d be accurate on all other topics?


Turning now to COVID vaccines, I’ve seen numbers as high as 50 percent of people who, when asked if they would take a COVID vaccine if it were offered to them said no, they don’t believe it’s safe and/or effective.

Vaccines, forgetting about COVID for a minute, are good. We’ve eradicated a lot of diseases with vaccines: smallpox, polio, whooping cough, measles . . . it used to be that mumps, measles and chicken pox were lumped together under the heading of “childhood diseases” and it wasn’t unusual for kids to get them.

I don’t think that’s true anymore. My experience is not super-recent because my kid is now 27 but he didn’t get any of them. We vaccinate for them and no one gets them anymore.

If people don’t believe anything they hear in the media, and that includes information about being vaccinated against a pandemic, it’s not just a philosophical dilemma anymore, it’s life and death now, right?