Rent Hikes Cause Homelessness?


I read a story in Time magazine about a family in Columbus, OH, evicted from their apartment and living in a homeless shelter because they couldn’t afford a rent hike on the apartment.

The husband was unemployed at the time; the wife was a pizza delivery driver. Both are high-school dropouts and they have three kids.

The lesson here, according to Time:

All it takes sometimes is a sudden rent hike to push a working family into a shelter.

That’s the lesson?! What about the decision by two people with no education and no skills to hook up and have three kids, as a result of which, they have absolutely no margin of error in their lives, and are going to be hit hard by the first unexpected event to come along — rent hike, car breakdown, someone getting sick or injured, whatever.

COME ON! Maybe there’s no consolation in that, but we might as well think clearly about it.

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