Three Ways to Find My House

12 Apr 2003 /

I love living in Irvine but . . . the lots aren’t very big, the houses are close together, and they all look about the same anyway, so even after 2-1/2 years, I still have trouble picking out which house is mine as I’m driving down the street.

I’ve devised a couple of methods for handling this.

Method 1. A heuristic method. There’s a fire hydrant at the curb between my house and the house next door. If I pass the fire hydrant, I know I’ve gone too far and I need to turn around and come back.

Method 2. More deterministic, but it relies on my garage door opener working better than it usually does. As I turn into my street, I hold down the button on the opener, and whichever garage opens, I drive into it.

Actually, my house is for sale now, so I have a third method:

Method 3. My house is the one with the sign in the front yard.

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