When Technology Falls Into the Wrong Hands

9 Jan 2004 /
Self-portrait with fingers

Here’s what happens when a 10-year-old gets hold of a digital camera. And there’s lots more self-portraits where that came from, including the ones he took of his own butt, which are his personal favorites.

In fairness, I guess I should mention that I did the same thing with a Polaroid when I was about the same age.

I think this is more of a universal human urge than just a genetic defect in my family. When I worked on the college newspaper, a fellow staff member brought in some pictures she’d taken of her ass, and she was much older than 10 at the time.

Her photos were pretty high quality . . . it looked like she’d set up a tripod and a timer, rather than just holding the camera in her hand, which is the preferred method at my house.

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