France Weighs In

17 Mar 2004 /

Sociologist Emilio Lamo de Espinosa says Europeans have been dreaming. Writing in Le Monde (in French), Lamo says Europeans have thought they would be spared because they haven’t supported the Bush administration’s policies.

‘When the Americans declared war on terrorism, many of us thought they exaggerated. Many thought terrorism was not likely to occur on our premises, [inhabited by] peaceful and civilized Europeans who speak no evil of anybody, who dialogue, who are the first [to] send assistance and offer cooperation. We are pacifists, they are warmongers. . . . Don’t we defend the Palestinians? Are we not pro-Arab and anti-Israeli?’

‘Can we dialogue with those who desire only our death and nothing but our death?’ Lamo asks. ‘Dialogue about what? The manner in which we will be assassinated?’

‘The war against terrorism will be long and difficult,’ he concludes. ‘It was that cretin, President Bush, who said that.’


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