A USC Man Looks at UCLA Football

29 Dec 2004 /
USC Trojans

A crazy thing happened after this year’s USC-UCLA football game . . . because the Bruins were able to keep the score close for the first time in years, UCLA coach Karl Dorrell was rewarded with a two-year contract extension.

“The progress the program has made under Karl’s leadership is clearly evident,” said athletic director Dan Guerrero.

Keep in mind that Guerrero fired former coach Bob Toledo two years ago after back-to-back 7-win seasons, including a victory in the 2002 Las Vegas Bowl. Now after back-to-back 6-win seasons under Dorrell, including last week’s Las Vegas Bowl loss to Wyoming, progress is “clearly evident.”

Not in terms of winning football games, but Guerrero hired the guy, so he’s got to say something.

Dorrell is now locked up through the 2010 season, and I echo what I said when he was hired:

Great move! Six more years of Trojan victories!

Six more years! Six more years!

Fight On!

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