Why God Builds Gated Communities


I’m looking over this flyer for a church group meeting that my son’s going to next week. It’s being held at a member’s house in a gated community, so the flyer has directions, as well as an entry code for the security gate.

“Jesus wouldn’t like gated communities,” I say. “He was very welcoming to all people. This is racist. They’re trying to keep out blacks and Mexicans.”

“They’re trying to keep out people who want to rob them and kill them,”

“Same thing . . . and if somebody kills them, then it’s God’s will that they be killed.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Yes it is. They should be willing to die for their sins, like Jesus. Are you saying that if Person A wants to kill Person B that God couldn’t stop it? And if he doesn’t stop it, then it must be His will for it to happen.”

“He’s stopping it with gated communities.”

“Hmmm . . . OK, you got me there.”

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