A Modern Stone Age Family

Cell phone

We finally caved in and got my son a new cell phone. The one he had was a very old model where you had to pull the antenna up manually.

He used to say things like, “This phone must have been invented by a primitive Stone Age family. ‘Hey, Barney! Come here and look at this new communication device I invented!'”

“Actually, the Flintstones were a modern Stone Age family,” I reminded him.

“Then it was invented by a normal Stone Age family. Fred Flintstone probably used it as a backup to his regular phone, which was a bird, or a rock with a hole in it.”

On the plus side — and this was sort of an unintentional stroke of genius on my part — he didn’t rack up a lot of minutes on the old phone because he was ashamed to be seen with it.

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  1. 6 Jul 2006 at 12:16 pm

    Ok, fess up: is your kid really this funny??!!??? If he is, have him write sometime—I even can suggest two topics.
    Topic 1. Do your parents still argue a lot?
    Topic 2. What is the one thing your parents HOPE you don’t say in your blog?

  2. PE
    7 Jul 2006 at 9:06 am

    The kid is another Seinfeld. Not Jerry Seinfeld, another Seinfeld. [Rim shot]

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