EppsNet’s IT Responses

24 Jan 2007 /

Inspired by Don Carman’s Reporter Responses, a handy list for the IT professional:

  • Good, fast, cheap — pick two.
  • It’s not a show-stopper.
  • It’s a show-stopper.
  • It’s out of scope.
  • It’s not rocket science.
  • It’s not brain surgery.
  • Let’s not reinvent the wheel.
  • That sounds doable.
  • I could do it myself in a week.
  • That’s why I make the big money.
  • It works fine on my machine.
  • It was working fine 10 minutes ago.
  • It’s a best-of-breed solution.
  • It’s an enterprise-class solution.
  • It’s a state-of-the-art solution.
  • It’s an industry standard.
  • It’s a best practice.
  • It’s not one of our core competencies.
  • We’re waiting on requirements.
  • We’re waiting on design.
  • We’re waiting on the vendor.
  • We found some issues in testing.
  • We’re thinking outside the box.
  • Add that to the lessons learned.
  • That’s a ballpark estimate.
  • I’m working smarter, not harder.
  • There are no problems, only opportunities.
  • Since when did you become an expert on ____?
  • I know you are but what am I?
  • I can’t explain that to my boss.
  • I’ll get to it next week.
  • We’ll make up the lost time in testing.
  • It has to go through change control.
  • We moved that to the next release.
  • I’ll clean that up later.
  • It’s pretty much done.
  • It’s 90 percent done.
  • It’s done, except for the testing.
  • It’s just a one-line fix.
  • We have to rewrite it from scratch.
  • That’s a training issue.
  • That’s not really an issue.
  • Have you tried calling the help desk?
  • We’re in discovery on that.
  • We would have been all right, but the requirements kept changing.
  • We have to follow the standard process.
  • Let’s do a gap analysis.
  • It’s a team effort.
  • This business has really changed.

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