The Perfect Boss


In addition to the timely pay for acceptable services he offers, there are a few additional conditions that he imposes on you, if you are one of his subordinates. These are:

  1. What actions you take, you believe in.
  2. What commitments you make, you keep,
  3. What resources you have, you use.
  4. What words you say, you believe to be true.
  5. What you create, you intend to be great.

He knows that if you buy something from an expert, you are wise to let them to deliver it on their own. . . .

He requires that the team credibly believe itself to be doing something great, and also insists that all involved relentlessly pursue – and always adopt – what they think is the best available idea. . . .

He never allows people to say, “People say…” If unidentified “people” have something to say, they can come say it. He listens. He just doesn’t believe in the self-appointed representation of selves not one’s own.

— Jim and Michele McCarthy, “The Perfect Boss”

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