EppsNet Book Review: Dig Your Job


Full disclosure: I got a free advance copy of this book because I know the author, G.L. Hoffman.

Dig Your Job book cover

The books I’ve read on business and career advice fall into three main categories:

  1. Academic theory
  2. (Quoting Dogbert) A bunch of obvious advice packaged with quotes from famous dead people
  3. A person who’s actually done something talks about what worked for them and what didn’t.

Dig Your Job is in Category 3, like every other book I can think of to recommend to people.

It’s a high-density book. Hoffman has done startups for 25 years and shares hundreds of ideas and observations about the workplace in blog-sized chunks.

The style is conversational, easy to read — like having a career mentor you can consult whenever you want to.

Hoffman is currently running excerpts from the book on his blog, so you can click over there for a free preview.

Highly recommended!

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