The Lunch Coupon


We’re on our way to Black Angus for a family lunch.

My wife is driving . . . she pulls a huge stack of coupons out of the glove compartment and hands them to our son in the back seat.

Lots of food

“Find the Black Angus coupon in there,” she says.

After a while, he says, “Why do we have ten 20% off coupons for Bed, Bath and Beyond?”

“Your job is to find the Black Angus coupon,” she says, “not to criticize people.”

I say, “If you combine all those coupons, they actually wind up paying you to take the merchandise out of the store.”

A while later, he says, “I can’t find a Black Angus coupon.”

I say, “Let me take a look.”

He hands me the coupon stack, which I look through and find it.

“Pwned,” I say. “Why couldn’t you find it?”

“It looks just like the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons.”

“Do the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons have a big picture of a steak on them?”

“It’s exactly the same size and the same cardboard and it was mixed in together with them.”

About this time, we pull into the empty parking lot in front of Black Angus to find out that they’re not open for lunch . . .

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