A Long Story About a Chair


Our hotel room has a bedroom, where I sleep, and a living area with a pull-out sofa where my son sleeps. Between the rooms is a door that I close at night when I go to bed.

I got up this morning, opened the door and almost fell over a desk chair that shouldn’t have been there.

“Why’s this chair set up here like a barricade?” I asked my son.

“It’s a long story,” he said.

“Really? What’s the story?”

“We were talking in the lobby last night and Ian got in trouble with his dad for being out of the room so late. Chris couldn’t sleep in his room because his mom and dad had some guests come by so he was going to sleep in Ian’s room but then he didn’t want to because Ian was in trouble so he came in here. He was going to sleep in the armchair and put his feet up on the desk chair. I had it all set up but then Ian called and said it was okay to sleep in his room. I just didn’t move the chair back.”

“That was a long story.”

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