Northwood 2011 College Decisions


Unlike highly recruited athletes, kids who are highly recruited academically don’t get to go on TV and turn over hats so everyone knows what college they’re going to.

Northwood doesn’t have highly recruited athletes, so there’s a Facebook site where they can check in and state their college choice.

Also unlike athletes, who are evaluated on a 5-star scale, Northwood students are evaluated on a 3-star scale, according to the commencement program that I have right here in front of me:

*** = Highest honors (4.3 GPA or above)
 ** = High honors (4.0 or above, but below 4.3)
  * = Honors (Not sure; close to a 4.0 but not quite there)

It looks like Cal got the best recruiting class this year with three 3-star prospects and no one lower than 2 stars. USC and Stanford each got one 3-star recruit, as did Harvard and Yale.

To the kids going to Cal: GO BEARS!

To the kids going to USC: FIGHT ON!

To the kids going to Stanford: CONGRATULATIONS DORKS!

To everyone else: BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!

And to the girls below: I don’t know you but you made me laugh . . .

College decisions

  2 comments for “Northwood 2011 College Decisions

  1. nwd
    16 Jul 2011 at 3:14 am

    What would you say “To the kids going to Harvard and Yale:”?

  2. PE
    16 Jul 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Hi nwd

    You posted that at 3 a.m.?! Did you see Harry Potter last night?

    I’d say that a Harvard or Yale degree is not going to hurt you, but get ready to be a fish out of water, ignored by professors (who are paid to talk to post-docs and grad students) and by East Coast prep school kids who see themselves as society’s future leaders and don’t want to talk to California kids from average families.

    Are you going to Harvard or Yale?

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