Travels With Charlie

i'm a dog on a mission

My owner and I were out for a walk when we heard Charlie the Basset Hound behind us. He was howling and he was all by himself.

“Hey Charlie,” my owner said, “what are you doing out here by yourself?” Then he said to me, “We’ve got to take Charlie home.”

We don’t know where Charlie lives but we know what direction he lives in and it wasn’t the direction he was going, so my owner got him turned in the right direction and then said, “Come on Charlie, let’s go for a walk.”

At first, he walked behind us and kept howling but then he stopped howling and started walking faster and went ahead of us. After we went a couple of streets, he turned and walked up to a front porch and started howling again.

The lady who answered the door was sure surprised to see Charlie on the porch.

“Does he live here?” my owner asked.

“Yes,” she said. “Where was he?”

“He was up the street a bit. We started walking him in this direction and he came home. Was there a reward posted?”

Meanwhile, Charlie had gone inside and then came back out on the porch and started howling at us some more to tell us he was home . . .

— Lightning paw

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