We Caught a Break at Chili’s Last Night

11 Feb 2012 /
English: Chili's Restaurant at Rockwell Mall, ...


We got to Chili’s around 8 o’clock last night but it was still very crowded. People were waiting outside.

“How long is the wait?” I asked the hostess.

“About 25 minutes.”

I said to my posse, “I’d rather not wait 25 minutes but I could do it if I had to. What do you guys think?”

My wife said, “Put our name on the list and we’ll talk about it outside.”

“Paul — party of three.” The hostess gave me one of those devices that beep and light up when your table is ready.

At the same time, a gentleman came up to the desk to turn in his device. “We can’t wait anymore,” he said.

“Maybe you could give us his device,” I suggested after he left. “Where was he on the list?”

She went down the list of names. “Second,” she said. “Yeah, I could do that.”


My son said later, “You were just joking, right?”

“Well,” I said, “I didn’t think she would do it, but let that be a good lesson for you. If you ask for something, you might get it, but you’re not going to get it if you don’t ask.”

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