I Can’t See Anymore But I Am Still Handsome


Hi everybody! It’s me, Lightning!

I’m almost 84 years old now in dog years. I can’t see anymore and my joints are not too good but aging doesn’t dampen the spirits of pugs like it does with people.

I can remember where things are in the house (unless someone moves them) so I can still walk around without bumping into a lot of things. The good thing is that I can sometimes smack into a door or a wall or a piece of furniture without affecting my handsome appearance because my face is flat already.

— Lightning paw


  2 comments for “I Can’t See Anymore But I Am Still Handsome

  1. -----
    6 Aug 2015 at 10:55 pm

    Sometimes, dogs are more faithful companions than are people.

    Give Pug a rub for me. Thanks.

  2. PE
    7 Aug 2015 at 9:39 am

    Yes, unlike people, dogs are ALWAYS glad to see you, NEVER in a bad mood, LOVE to hear the sound of your voice …

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