Another Thing I Like About Donald Trump


I like to make sweeping judgments about people based on my assessment of how their kids turned out. A lot of kids from famous families are train wrecks. Trump’s kids, while a little odd-looking in my opinion (Ivanka excepted), are not. Kudos to Mr. Trump and his wives.

Donald Trump's kids

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    18 Sep 2015 at 10:35 pm

    Usually, people like Donald Trump excel in one thing. In Trump’s case, it’s making money. As one of his military school peers noted, the aptitude seems inherent in his DNA.

    Therefore, given his narrow focus, it should not be surprising that Trump should have been married, thus far, four times.

    A more pressing question is how much the domestic turmoil has affected his children. While they may come alive in front of a camera, or when they are the center of attention, a more relevant question is how do they function when the spotlight is not on them and they are facing adversity. Only time will tell how that question is answered.

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