Anderson Cooper Has Not Been Cleared of Russian Collusion

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is saying that CNN has never made any claims against President Trump . . . I’d put my research team to work on that if I had a research team, but since I don’t, I’ll just point out that 99 percent of CNN’s panel guests for the past two years made claims against President Trump, which I don’t think was accidental.

There was a period of several months, for example, where Michael Avenatti was on CNN probably more often than Cooper himself, for no reason other than to make claims against President Trump. 

(Whatever happened to Avenatti, by the way? CNN seems to have lost interest in him.)

There’s a technical distinction between making claims against someone and providing two years of airtime to other people making claims, but it’s not a credible distinction.

Cooper also likes to say that President Trump was not cleared of Russian collusion, which is another technicality . . . a two-year investigation that uncovers no illegalities is not exactly the same as being “cleared.” There’s always one more rock somewhere that could be looked under, so it’s never possible to state definitively that nothing happened.

But “not cleared of Russian collusion” is a phony baloney phrase that can be applied to anyone. Has Anderson Cooper been cleared of Russian collusion?

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