What Can USC Students Tell Us About Inequality?

Tommy Trojan

Well, according to the New York Times, some USC students jet to Bali for spring break, while some of their classmates work overnight shifts to pay for books!

  1. Instead of inequality, think of it as diversity. So now it’s a good thing!
  2. The Times for some reason writes USC as U.S.C., even though nobody does that.
  3. I’ve noticed the Times always measures life outcomes in terms of money, like that’s the only possible criterion.
  4. What ‘s so great about jetting to Bali anyway? What are you going to do, lay on a fucking beach? There are 50 beaches within two hours of USC. It’s the same sun up in the sky. You’re the same person with the same problems in Bali as you are here. You jet to Bali, you jet home, absolute waste of time.

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