Woke White Boy: Antifa vs. Anti-Vaxxers

Woke White Boy

You can have any kind of left-wing demonstration — women’s marches, Gay Pride parades, Black Lives Matter, pro-choice, political rallies — and you never have violent right-wing nutjobs turn up to disrupt them. I don’t know why.

But when we hear about right-wing demonstrations like the anti-vaccine Freedom Rally in Santa Monica this weekend, that means it’s time to break out the black togs, bats and bike locks to give those fuckers a nice warm Antifa welcome.

[Editor’s note: Isn’t violent suppression of opposing views the actual definition of fascism?]

I don’t fucking know. I just know these fuckers better get vaccinated and maybe a good beating is just the incentive they need.

[Editor’s note: Shouldn’t there be more fellow feeling for a group that doesn’t want the government to tell them what to do?]

No! It’s not the government telling them what to do, it’s Antifa telling them what to do. We told them that we can’t feel safe if they don’t get vaccinated and they won’t do it. I mean, how fucking selfish can you get?


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