Media Companies With Millions of X Followers?


I’m posting the above tweet not for the content but because if you look at the @NBCNews profile on X, you’ll see that the account has (allegedly) 9.4 million followers, and the tweet, when I looked at it, had 65 likes.

How can an account with 9.4 million followers be getting 65 likes on a tweet?!

First of all, I’m not singling out NBC. There are many media accounts on X with (allegedly) millions of followers and almost no interaction.

Second, I didn’t cherry-pick a tweet with just a few likes. The NBC account has some tweets with more likes, some tweets with fewer, but 65 is not abnormally low.

I picked it because of the comment underneath the original tweet. It’s a drawing of the Frog of Shame, and reads “If the Frog of Shame gets more likes than the original tweet, then your tweet really sucks.”

The Frog of Shame (as I write this) has 316 likes.

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