Morality of Student Loan Debt


I saw a post on LinkedIn in which the poster shared that his son got a college acceptance letter, but the son felt guilty about how it might affect the family finances.

The poster shared the following question:

Parents and Students – how have you managed this experience, dealt with any guilt, and yet maintained your excitement for the incredible experience ahead of you?

My answer:

How did we manage the experience? We always emphasized education in the Epps household. My son worked very hard in high school, got admitted to his dream college. What would we say at that point? “Congratulations, son! As a reward for your efforts, we’re going to allow you to take on student loan debt that will haunt you for the rest of your life”? Maybe “immoral” is too strong a word for that but I have a deep negative feeling about parents letting kids take on student loan debt. I am old-fashioned in that respect. Maybe “old-fashioned” is a polite word for what I am..

No guilt. I actually never thought about guilt until you mentioned it.

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