Men’s and Women’s Brains Work Differently


In a breakthrough study from Stanford University, scientists have discovered — FOR THE FIRST TIME — that men’s and women’s brains work differently!

I know what you’re thinking: What year am I in? Men’s and women’s brains work differently?! I feel like any adult who’s ever been in a straight relationship could write a Ph.D. thesis on this topic.

I was explaining to a woman today that I lost a fairly small object that I’m sure I had in my car, but after searching the car top to bottom multiple times, I couldn’t find it.

And she said: “Did you look under the seat?”

I was gobsmacked. “No,” I said. “Why didn’t I think of that? That’s probably where it is.”

Another woman nearby, who’d overheard the part about scouring my car several times for a lost object, said “I bet I could find it. Did you look under the seat?”

That’s how the female brain works.

No one with a male brain would ever listen to someone tell a story about searching their car multiple times for a lost object and then say “Did you try looking under the seat?”

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