New Digital SAT Seems Pretty Easy


I took a digital SAT recently. I’ve got a BA in Journalism and an MS in Computer Science, so I’m very well-rounded, like a sphere. I eat standardized tests for breakfast.

The English portion, or Reading or whatever they call it now, seems much easier to me. I got 800 (out of 800) on that. There’s no more “read a column and a half of text, then answer 10 questions about it.” You read a paragraph, answer one question and move on.

There are no more analogies. There are no obscure vocabulary words.

Math is still math, although as noted in the story, if you’re getting a lot of answers right, then they start serving you harder questions. I got 780 on the Math portion.

TL;DR: It’s an easy test. I got an almost perfect score and believe me, kids, I’ve been out of high school a long time.

Paid tutoring available on request. Maybe free if I like you.

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