EppsNet Archive: Alpha Dogs

Alpha Dogs Eat First


Hi everybody! It’s me, Lightning! Dinner time is my favorite time of the day! Delicious food moves from the kitchen to the dining room table and if anyone turns their back on it for a second, I launch myself onto a chair and grab some. Tonight I got a tasty chunk of salmon! “Lightning is a bad dog,” the boy says. “Joseph’s dog never tries to eat their food.” “Lightning is an alpha dog,” my owner says, “and alpha dogs eat first. Joseph’s dog is a pussy. He’s so far down the chain of dominance, there aren’t enough letters in the Greek alphabet to categorize him.” — Lightning Read more →

Allergy Shots


My vet says I have to go on allergy shots! I’M AN ALPHA DOG NOT A CANINE PIN CUSHION! GRRRRRRRR! — Lightning Read more →