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I Will Show You How a Pug Eats an Ice Cream Cone

23 May 2015 /

Hi everybody! It’s me, Lightning!

There’s a funny video of dogs eating ice cream on the internet:

The puggle on the left is an embarrassment! What kind of dog eats ice cream like that? She would not last one day in the wild! Do beagles eat ice cream like that?

I am old and I can’t even see anymore so if there’s something in front of me I can’t tell what size or shape it is but when I decide that it’s edible I CHOMP on it!

— Lightning paw

At the Dog Park

24 Mar 2012 /

A pug (not mine) is humping a beagle . . .

“You could have puggles,” I suggest to one of the owners, “except they’re both boys.”