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Why Not Enjoy a Snickers?

12 Jan 2018 /

Our being is a being-towards-death, ending, not on the summit of actualization, but over the cliff in the abyss of annihilation . . .



21 Dec 2011 /

Why is it good for chocolate to be “velvety”? Do you really want a mouth full of velvet?

Five Guys in Europe: Museums

23 Jun 2011 /

Museums: Chocolate and Picasso . . .

It’s Not About You

2 Mar 2010 /
More Cafe Bar Restaurant / Trafalgar Street

It has to be about your readers, who will, it’s hoped, become your customers. It has to be about making them awesome.

So, for example, if you’re selling a clever attachment to a camera that diffuses harsh flash light, don’t talk about the technical features or about your holiday sale (10 percent off!). Make a list of 10 tips for being a better photographer.

If you’re opening a restaurant, don’t blog about your menu. Blog about great food. You’ll attract foodies who don’t care about your restaurant yet.

If you make superior, single-source chocolate, don’t write about that great trip you took to the Dominican Republic to source cocoa beans. That’s all about you. Instead, write the definitive article about making chocolate-covered strawberries. For the next 10 years, whenever a gourmand or a baker searches Google for a recipe on how to make chocolate-covered strawberries, he or she will find your post. Helping your users make awesome chocolate-based confections is likely to attract readers who might buy fancy chocolate . . .