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Some Links on Effective Communication

Busting myths on gender differences in the brain (Article) Nora Caplan-Bricker, “The Idea of a ‘Male Brain’ and a ‘Female Brain’ Is Likely a Myth,” Slate, November 2, 2015. Challenges and strategies for creating safe communication spaces at work (Article) James R. Detert and Ethan R. Burris, “Can Your Employees Really Speak Freely?,” Harvard Business Review, vol. 94, no. 1 (January/February 2016):… Read more →

More Links on Work-Life Balance

Research behind the flexibility stigma (Article) Tara Siegel Bernard, “The Unspoken Stigma of Workplace Flexibility,” New York Times, June 14, 2013. Don’t become addicted to busy-ness (Article) Christine Carter, “Achieve More by Doing Less,” Mindful, September 14, 2015. Research about dual-centric workers (Report) Families and Work Institute, Catalyst, and the Boston College Center for Work & Family, Leaders in a Global Economy: A… Read more →

Some Links on Work-Life Balance

Carol Bartz discusses the myth of work-life balance (Video) “Bartz Says ‘Work/Life’ Balance is a Myth,” Wall Street Journal, May 1, 2012. Beyond policies: Office culture must change (Article) Susan Dominus, “Rethinking the Work-Life Equation,” New York Times, February 25, 2016. The problem may be long hours not work-family conflict (Article) Robin Ely and Irene Padavic, “Work-Family Conflict is Not the Problem:… Read more →


What Satan lacked was a strategy. Maybe he should have called McKinsey.

Six Drucker Questions that Simplify a Complex Age

Via Harvard Business Review. My personal favorite is “What would happen if this were not done at all?” Read more →

A Tradeoff

If female employment rates matched male rates in the U.S., the GDP would rise by 5%. This stat & more: http://t.co/XsBVJW1xtE — Harvard Biz Review (@HarvardBiz) August 25, 2013 Okay . . . but who would be raising our kids? Or is that not important? Read more →

Misperceptions About Teamwork

Six Common Misperceptions about Teamwork – J. Richard Hackman – Harvard Business Review Read more →


Harvard Business Review: Steve Jobs Solved the Innovator’s Dilemma

A 7-Step Process to Achieving Your Goals

Freak out. This is a very important part of the process. Seriously. Look at the list of everything you’ve been trying to work on concurrently, or meaning to work on, and see how infeasible that list really is. Then look at the one or two or three things you really really really want to accomplish, and let yourself soak in… Read more →

Want to Change? Identify One Thing

Via Harvard Business Review: Want to Change? Identify One Thing Read more →

Some of You Pricks Should Be Billionaires

Disagreeable Men Earn More Than Nice Guys — Harvard Business Review Read more →

What Can You Stop Doing?

All of us have a tendency to take on additional work, lose focus, and feel overloaded — whether we work in the C-suite, at a desk, or on a shop floor. The key is not to repeat that pattern by adding more work. Instead, take an inventory of everything you’re trying to do, pick out the few things that will… Read more →

Twitter: 2010-08-30

RT @ChelseaVPeretti: Just saw a forgettable documentary about Alzheimer’s. # 4 Steps to Generating Your Next Breakthrough – Harvard Business Review http://goo.gl/xGRa # Read more →

Stat of the Day

Nearly 60% of the teenage readers of an online men’s magazine say they would punch a coworker in the face if they could get away with it, and nearly 40% would do the same to their bosses. The magazine, AskMen.com, says the number of positive responses to those statements declines steadily with respondents’ age, dropping to about 20% for readers… Read more →