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There Are Good Places to Hike Right Here in America


TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — Iran confirmed Tuesday the arrest of three American hikers who crossed into the country from neighboring Iraq and said they have been charged with “illegal entry,” a semi-official news agency reported. — Iran confirms U.S. hikers arrested for ‘illegal entry’ – CNN.com When you hear about people doing something pointless and stupid — and not just pointless and stupid but elaborately pointless and stupid — like traveling halfway around the world to take a frigging hike along the border of a totalitarian regime that hates Americans, don’t you secretly hope that something bad will happen to them? So do I . . . Read more →

Take a Hike!


According to the email, our (former) COO “is no longer with the company in any capacity.” There’s a phenomenon at our company, of which he was a perfect example: People get excited and animated about a variety of things — their cars, their pets, a TV show, binge drinking, etc. — but never, never about their jobs. In his case, the favorite topic was hiking. Since we’re in the winter months now, you could frequently hear him among the cubicles elucidating the finer points of crampons: “The thing about crampons is you have to be careful where you put your feet. It’s not like walking around the living room in a pair of loafers.” I did not know that! Of course, if I were interested in crampons, which I’m not, I could research them on my own time. I would have much rather overheard him saying something like “I read… Read more →