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Grounds for Dissolution

Divorce has traditionally been a fault-based proceeding, but California and most other states are now no-fault jurisdictions, and a divorce in legal terms is now called a Dissolution of Marriage. And yet we never hear anyone say “I’m going to dissolve you.” The primary ground for dissolution in California is “irreconcilable differences.” In a Regular Dissolution you are also allowed… Read more →

EppsNet Book Reviews: Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

Richard Yates poses the question of how much reality people can stand, and the answer he comes up with is “not very much.” Alternatives to facing reality head-on are explored in Revolutionary Road: avoidance, denial, alcoholism, insanity and death. Some excerpts: “You want to play house you got to have a job. You want to play very nice house, very… Read more →

You Say Anarchy, Sir, Like It’s a Bad Thing

Frankly, one of our political parties is insane, and we all know which one it is. They have descended from the realm of reasonableness that was the mark of conservatism. They dream of anarchy, of ending government. — Bruce Bartlett My fellow Americans — I’ll tell you who’s insane: anyone who’s not dreaming of anarchy at this moment in history… Read more →

If I Am Out of My Mind …

… it’s okay with me. Read more →

Twitter: 2010-12-22

RT @yoyoha: When technology finally makes me obsolete, I'm going to take a nice long nap. # RT @yoyoha: "I know you're not crazy" is a good thing to say to a crazy person. # Read more →

A Dream

Last night I dreamed that I was losing my mind. I was doing things that I knew were crazy but I couldn’t stop myself from doing them. “I’ve got to see a doctor,” I thought. “I can feel my sanity slipping away from me.” It was just a dream though . . . Read more →

Hearing Voices

I’m getting some coffee in the lunch room . . . no one else is present. One of my colleagues walks in and says, “Are you talking to yourself, Paul?” “No, actually I wasn’t saying anything.” Which I wasn’t. “Maybe you’re hearing voices,” I suggest. “And ironically, you were just insinuating that I was nuts.” Read more →