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Sounds Like a Plan

9 Jul 2017 /

Sounds like a plan

Lacking Presentation

27 Jun 2015 /


Mates and Dates

24 Oct 2013 /

One Piece of Wisdom

28 Jun 2011 /

Mr. Boffo


27 Apr 2011 /

Willy and Ethel


27 Oct 2010 /

Mr Boffo

BP Looks at the Bright Side

29 Jun 2010 /

Mr. Boffo

Real Mayonnaise

22 Jun 2010 /

Mr. Boffo

The Next Generation

22 Sep 2009 /

Mr. Boffo comic strip

Twelve-Minute Breaks

17 Jun 2009 /

Mister Boffo

New TGIF Policy in Effect

13 Mar 2009 /

Mr. Boffo

Effective immediately, I’m going to start de-friending everyone who sends a Facebook status update about how glad they are that it’s Friday, how glad they are that it’s Thursday because it’s almost Friday, how gloomy they are because it’s Monday, how they hate to be at work, blah blah blah et fucking cetera.

SHUT UP LOSERS! Stop wasting your life and mine with this nonsense!

Find an activity that you love and engage in it . . .