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Olympics Update

I think the Chinese have an unfair advantage in the synchronized diving because they all look exactly alike. 😮 Read more →

Why Gun Control Can’t Be Solved

On average, Democrats use guns for shooting the innocent. We call that crime. On average, Republicans use guns for sporting purposes and self-defense. . . . So it seems to me that gun control can’t be solved because Democrats are using guns to kill each other – and want it to stop – whereas Republicans are using guns to defend… Read more →

On This Day

On July 19, 1980, the Summer Olympics began in Moscow with dozens of nations boycotting because of Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan. Thirty-five years later, there’s still a war going on in Afghanistan, so you can see what a shrewd foreign policy move that was. Read more →

Louis Zamperini, 1917-2014

[View the story “Louis Zamperini, 1917-2014” on Storify] Read more →

The Hardest Available Challenge

One of my colleagues at work has a son in 6th grade. She’s trying to figure out which math class to put him in for 7th grade. Working backward, we know that “normal” kids take Algebra I in 9th grade, the smarter kids take Algebra I in 8th grade, and the smartest kids take Algebra I in 7th grade. Placement… Read more →

Interview Tips: You’re a 10 in Everything

One of my least favorite interview questions goes something like this: On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself on [insert personal attribute here]. This is a bad question because while some quantities – speed, weight, temperature, earthquake magnitude – do have an agreed-upon scale of measurement, personal attributes like, say, leadership, do not. Person A might give himself… Read more →

Mac Wilkins: What The Discus Can Teach You About Life

Deadspin has an excellent “as told to” story on former Olympic discus thrower Mac Wilkins (What The Discus Can Teach You About Life: Lessons From One Of America’s Greatest Throwers) Wilkins made four straight U.S. Olympic teams, winning a gold medal in 1976, a silver in 1984, and finishing fifth in 1988. He was also the first man to throw… Read more →

Yes We Can!

KABUL – Roadside bombs — the biggest killer of U.S. soldiers — claimed eight more American lives Tuesday, driving the U.S. death toll to a record level for the third time in four months as President Barack Obama nears a decision on a new strategy for the troubled war. — October deadliest month for US in Afghan war – Yahoo!… Read more →

Twitter: 2009-10-02

http://bit.ly/2djWf1 via @TheOnion – Federal Judge Rules Parker Brothers Holds Monopoly Monopoly # I just poured hot coffee in my shoe. No, not on purpose. Yes, it was on my foot at the time. # RT @Aimee_B_Loved: I think Chicago needs a hug. # Man bites dog biting dog: http://bit.ly/i9fhA #news # Read more →

Watching Olympic Women’s Weightlifting with a 10th Grader

“These women look worse than the Australian basketball team,” the boy says. “Some of them would be cute,” I say, “if they lost about 150 pounds.” An eHarmony commercial comes on . . . We prescreen candidates for compatibility . . . “Good,” the boy says, “because I don’t want to date any women weightlifters.” Read more →

Watching Olympic Women’s Basketball with a 10th Grader

The Australian team has some rather unfortunate-looking women on the roster . . . “Crikey!” the boy says. “Wot an oy-sore!” Read more →

Watching Olympic Equestrian with a 10th Grader

“Dum dee dum dee dum. Let’s go for a pony ride!” Read more →