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Something Terrible Would Happen

It sounds a little bit strange but the idea that something terrible would happen . . . I feel something here . . . Something over here . . . It’s like a pressure . . . on my heart. It’s pushing, it’s like it’s pushing. And it hurts. Something is pushing there, it hurts. Sadness, there’s a lot of… Read more →


Sara, 48, suffers from breast cancer, diagnosed three times in five years. She has to stop teaching at school but engages actively in volunteer work. Her environment praises her for her courage. She helps other cancer patients in a respectful way to deal with their illness. This for her is also very rewarding. Still, from time to time, mostly when… Read more →

The Ideal Consumer

The ideal consumer is someone who is anxious, depressed and constantly dissatisfied. Academic studies from the most respected institutions show that sad people are bigger spenders. Why do you think our lives are saturated with images of flawless, unattainable beauty? Read more →

Did Robin Williams Have a Dog?

Hi everybody! It’s me, Lightning! I’m seeing a person named Robin Williams on TV a lot. He always seems excited and happy, like a puppy! It’s scaring people that he ended his own life. Dogs never end their own life, no matter what. You might think we couldn’t do that but we could run in front of a car or… Read more →

Can You See the Real Me, Doctor?

I decided to get off meds for a while . . . Things That Are the Same I start every morning thinking about how great it would be to just stay in bed the rest of the day. Repeatedly hitting the snooze alarm — does life get any better than that? I live in fear of negative judgment. I dread… Read more →

She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important — you know? — Marilyn Monroe

I’ll Be Leaving

At least half of your mind is always thinking, I’ll be leaving; this won’t last. It’s a good Buddhist attitude. It prepares you for life as a Buddhist. If I were a Buddhist, this would be a great help. As it is, I’m just sad. — Anne Carson Read more →