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I Can Still Eat

5 Sep 2014 /

Hi everybody! It’s me, Lightning! My owner bought each of us a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A. He’s a fast eater but I ate my whole sandwich before he was even half way done with his!

I’m very old now. I can hardly see, hear or walk. But my eating ability has not dropped off AT ALL!

— Lightning paw


Who Pays for Dinner?

30 Sep 2011 /
Heart-shaped Bread

I’m listening to a couple of women talking about their new beaus and who should pay for the dinner dates in a budding relationship.

Man pays? Take turns? 50/50?

For what it’s worth, ladies, back when I was dating, I paid for the food, but depending on how the rest of the evening played out, I might have to say, “In that case, pay me back for the sandwiches.”


27 Apr 2011 /

Willy and Ethel

Twitter: 2010-08-06

6 Aug 2010 /
  • RT @Jesus_M_Christ: When you see my face on a tortilla or a grilled cheese sandwich that means it’s my lunch, leave it alone. #

Somebody Stop Me!

15 Oct 2009 /

I went to Subway for lunch and ordered my sandwich in an Australian accent: “LEH-us, to-MAH-to . . .”

Good times!